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Cell Phone Policy

Cellular phones and other wireless devices are permitted on the Golf Course, Practice Areas and in the Clubhouse in SILENT MODE ONLY. Cellular phones must not be used for verbal conversations on the Golf Course, Practice Areas or in the Clubhouse or in any manner that disrupts pace of play or diminishes golfing and/or dining experience for others. (9.1.9) 

Dress Regulations

It is the objective of the dress code to be adaptive to changing fashions in the golf industry while continuing to maintain the high standards expected by members. Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition and modesty when making attire decisions. The dress code regulations apply to all members, children and guests. (10.3)

  1. Golfers are to wear proper golf attire that follows industry standards, as determined by the product lines sold by golf apparel companies.
  2. Shirts for men and boys must have a collar and sleeves. Shirts for ladies and girls must have a collar or sleeves. Mock necks are acceptable.
  3. NOT PERMITTED: Cargo pants/shorts with expandable outside pockets, gym shorts, spandex shorts, cut-off shorts, tennis shorts, track suits, yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, items with garish, vulgar or offensive language or slogans, tank tops, halter tops or bare midriffs.
  4. Tasteful denim clothing is acceptable in the Clubhouse, Locker Rooms, Parking Lot and Pro Shop. Denim clothing is not permitted on any playing or practice areas. Denim clothing must be in good repair with no holes, rips, tears, tatters or frays and must fit appropriately. Denim clothing items must meet all other aspects of these Dress Regulations.
  5. Sundresses and appropriate formal or semi-formal attire is acceptable in the Clubhouse and for social events at the Club.
  6. Hats and visors are not permitted in indoor dining areas unless for medical reasons.
  7. Earl Grey is a "soft spikes only" course. Acceptable footwear must be worn on all playing and practice areas.

Management and staff have been instructed to enforce the dress code and given the authority to prohibit any improperly dressed Member of Guest from golfing or dining until the dress infraction is corrected. These rules apply to all guests of functions, as well as members and their guests. Members whose dress (or the dress of their guests or children) is deemed to be unacceptable will be notified by mail.

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